Lips: MAC's Lipstick in "Yield To Love" (LE) [A Novel Romance 2014] + Comparison

Hi! Recapping on what I said in my last post, today (well, over five hours ago it became yesterday for Japan, but whatever) was the release of Sakamoto Maaya's newest single, and tomorrow is the store launch date for MAC's new collection, A Novel Romance. Last Thursday, the collection launched on MAC's website, and that's when I placed my order for the lipstick I'm reviewing in today's post, "Yield to Love." I'm actually getting one more lipstick from this collection at some point, but I'll talk about that near this post's end.

A Novel Romance features a slew of beauty products, but with regards to lipsticks specifically, a total of six limited edition lipsticks were released with it: "A Novel Romance," "Myself," "Good Kisser," "Hearts Aflame," "Lingering Kiss," and "Yield to Love" (the collection's only MAC-online exclusive). I picked up "Yield to Love" for two reasons: its cremesheen finish and its color which, on some bloggers, appeared to be a brighter, raspberry pink. 

On me, the color is actually not bright nor is it a raspberry pink. In fact, I think "Yield to Love" looks closer to the swatch on MAC's website - which most said was completely inaccurate - when I wear it than it does to swatches done by bloggers. That's an interesting statement to make, considering the fact that the swatch on the MAC website is actually pretty scary (and, in that sense, inaccurate still). 

So, with that being said, I hope that of all things in this post, my pictures are most helpful. 

Name: Yield to Love
Net Wt.: 0.1 oz./ 3 g.
Price: $16.00
Finish: Cremesheen

"Yield to Love" is A Novel Romance's most limited lipstick, because not only is it limited edition, but it's a MAC-online exclusive, too. Which means you have to hope that MAC restocks this shade if you actually want it. At the time of this post, it is sold out. 

On MAC's website, "Yield to Love" is described as a "mid-tone rose." "Rose" is, in my opinion, right up there with "coral" in terms of color categories that are hugely broad. Do I agree with that description? Maybe, I guess. But if I had to describe "Yield to Love" in my own words, I'd describe it as a deep pink-toned plum. It does give a flush to the lips, which is my criteria for something to be "rose," so I can kind of see the reasoning behind MAC's description. The flush is just deeper than usual. 

Note: The picture above makes "Yield to Love" appear lighter and pinker than it is. I'm almost certain every other picture in this blog post is color-accurate - this one is the exception. 

Like the majority of MAC cremesheens, "Yield to Love" is creamy, hydrating, a bit on the thicker side, and has a glossy finish. It is, however, one of the more pigmented cremesheens I own: one swipe gives nearly opaque coverage. That's not necessarily a negative, of course, but that means you can't safely apply this color without a mirror. Additionally, although I notice some shimmer in the lipstick bullet itself, said shimmer doesn't translate onto my lips. It has a totally cream finish

The hand swatch above is extremely color-accurate, and shows that - compared to the first two pictures in this post - what you see in the tube is what you get when swatched and, for the most part, on your lips. Do keep in mind, though, that I said this color is nearly opaque - not completely. Some of your natural lip color may still peek through, depending on your lip pigmentation and how heavily you apply your lipstick. 

My lips are on the less pigmented side, so "Yield to Love" appears the same on my lips as it does on my hand and in the tube: a lovely deep, pink-toned plum. When I saw this color on Temptalia - which is where I got the idea it might be a bright raspberry pink - I didn't instantly think "fall." But on myself, I can see this acting beautifully as a summer-to-fall color. Ironically, Emily from Beauty Broadcast just wrote a post on two summer-to-fall lipstick shades from Maybelline, which kind of remind me of "Yield to Love." I guess, then, that others would agree with me on this being a great seasonal transition shade. 

I find this color extremely flattering on me, although I will admit that it did initially remind me of another limited edition MAC lipstick - "Morning Rose" - when I got my first look at the bullet. They actually aren't alike, although they both fall into that "rose" category. Here are some comparison pictures:

LEFT: Yield to Love
RIGHT: Morning Rose

LEFT: Yield to Love
RIGHT: Morning Rose

"Morning Rose" is not only lighter and perhaps a bit peachier, but it's also much sheerer and has way more shimmer, to the point that it has an almost frosted look to it. This is a relief, because both of these lipsticks are cremesheens and it would be a real waste to own nearly identical colors in the exact same finish. 

I can't say I prefer one more over the other, but their similarities at first glance bring me to my little explanation as to why I'm getting one more lipstick from this collection, but don't yet have it. I ordered "Lingering Kiss" at a later time after much debating. The mattes in this collection were said to have excellent quality, and I've been wanting more matte lipsticks that are creamier than they are drying, so I really wanted to buy one and test it out. 

I originally did purchase "Good Kisser," the matte that is my kind of color (a fuchsia), but I actually cancelled my order the day after it was placed because after looking at both Temptalia and Allura Beauty swatches of it versus Playland's "Red Balloon," I realized the colors were identical aside from finish. I also saw that another lipstick from this collection, "A Novel Romance," is actually very similar (perhaps identical?) to A Fantasy of Flowers' "Rose Lily" and Playland's "Sweet Experience." As you can tell by my links, I own all of these colors and really saw no point in purchasing duplicates. 

What I'm trying to say is that this collection as a whole was quite underwhelming for me, as someone who loves lipstick, because so many of the colors were similar to colors from fairly recent collections. I guess I was hoping for more unique colors. Even "Yield to Love" isn't very unique in the bigger picture. Ah, well. I didn't know how I felt about the other mattes - "Hearts Aflame" and "Lingering Kiss" - due to how dark they are, but I ultimately decided on "Lingering Kiss" because it was compared to the infamous MAC "Prince Noir" (see? another near dupe). Here's to hoping it doesn't look brown on me, haha. 

Overall, "Yield to Love" is a very pretty, deep pink-toned plum that acts as a great transitional shade for summer to fall. Its cremesheen finish makes it moisturizing and shiny, though it's actually more pigmented than the typical cremesheen. It's a lipstick that will likely get a lot of use from me, since it's a great everyday fall color, but it isn't something I would run out to buy, and I definitely wouldn't repurchase if I could.  

Hope this review was helpful, and thanks for stopping by. 'Til next time! ('<>')>



  1. Reminds me of Mac Brick O La, lovely thanks.

    1. Hi Sunny! I've never tried that one, haha, but yeah I don't think this color is terribly unique. I'm glad you enjoyed the review :)

      ~nikki ('<>')>