Body: Prince Matchabelli's Cotton Candy Fragrance Body Spray

Hi everyone :) This is going to be a quick review on a product I've been using since some time in August. I remember when I first came across it while shopping in a local CVS with my mom. She was browsing the perfumes and body sprays while I was scanning the makeup for good deals and called me over to show me a few scents. One of them was the Cotton Candy Fragrance Body Spray by Prince Matchabelli. 

The Cotton Candy body spray standing atop my self-decorated makeup organizer (I will post about it soon!)  and in front of my ceramic penguin tissue box holder :)

I didn't think much of this body spray's scent at first, though I could not deny that it was pretty accurate, and so we both left CVS without the little pink spray can.

I could not stop thinking about it, though. The scent was so spot-on, and I adore cotton candy. I love candy in general, but cotton candy especially is one of those nostalgic kinds of candy for me. Not surprisingly, then, I looked for it during future Rite Aid and other CVS visits, though sadly with no luck. Finally, my mom was making a trip to the CVS where we had originally spotted it and kindly picked one up for me for about $3-$4. I've been using it every night since.

As I said, the smell to me is pretty damn accurate. There is a description of it on the back side of the can, which is pretty interesting to read because technically by describing the scent of the body spray, the company is essentially describing the scent of cotton candy...which I never knew could be defined. I thought it was just sugar. o__o; In any case, here's a snapshot of the description:

"Absolutely delicious! This playful fragrance brings back childhood memories of carefree days surrounded by friends and fun. Our Cotton Candy Fragrance Body Spray is a wonderful blend of spun sugar and creamy vanilla combined with notes of tender strawberries, lush raspberries and clean musk. The result is irresistible!
Cotton Candy is a sensuous all-over body fragrance and gentle deodorant. Spray over your entire body; the fragrance lasts all day."

And a quick snapshot of the ingredients, if you're interested:

I had to laugh reading the "Made with Pride in the USA." It's like a reminder that barely anything is made in this country so, when something actually is, it's worth being proud over, lol. 

There is nothing spectacular about this product aside from the scent. That is how I honestly feel. But I still love it, because it is not only cheap, but it serves the purpose I wanted from it. To comfort and relax me at night, when I'm getting ready for bed. With that being said, I am a bit torn about the product's performance in relation to its description above. They are right in calling it a "gentle deodorant," because this spray barely does a thing for me when I'm sweating (although I only seem to have luck with antiperspirants since I sweat so damn much). But to say it "lasts all day" is completely inaccurate. I'm lucky if I'm still smelling this on me after thirty minutes INDOORS, forget outside.

Still, for $3-$4 a can, this body spray smells amazing and, like I said before, suits my purpose just fine. If you're looking for a fragrance you will enjoy on your own, or just love the kick that comes with a whiff of cotton candy, then I totally recommend this. If you're looking for a body spray for casual days where perfume feels too heavy, or a deodorant spray to help cover any body odor, then save your money for a bar of chocolate or anything else that falls into the $3-$4 price range.

Until next time :)


Do you purchase body sprays for the sake of personal comfort, or for the typical function of smelling pretty in public?

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