The IceBlock [1]: Digestion & California!

Hi everyone ~ I decided to come up with a new section, The IceBlock, where I pretty much talk about what's going on in my life, much like a diary of sorts. I thought I'd number them for the hell of it too, just to see how many I can rack up. :o

I didn't post yesterday because I was quite busy with food shopping and cooking with my mom, all while dealing with digestion problems! I plan on talking about this in more detail later but, in a nutshell, I've been dealing with hormonal imbalance since I struck puberty. One of the first ways I tried to combat it was homeopathy, because I was terrified of all the side effects that come with birth control (which I ended up on anyway as of Decemberish 2010).

In the end, homeopathy seemed to do nothing for my hormonal balance, BUT it did manage to make my stomach very sensitive to all kinds of things thanks to the many diets it entailed. Now I'm almost always visiting the bathroom after eating small amounts of packaged chocolate snacks, chips, 'outdoor' food, and candy. Yes, most of it is junk food so that can't be a terrible thing, but like every other person in this world I have cravings and I cannot satisfy them without getting sick afterwards! -_-

I am feeling better today, thankfully, but I'm frustrated because I just bought these little vanilla bean cupcakes at the supermarket yesterday and now I'm too scared to try them. :(

Doesn't that look amazing? T.T

And here's a quick picture of the tacos my mom and I made. The leftovers are cold in this picture. I found the recipe for this particular 'pie'-like taco last year and have made it multiple times since - it's great.

For the unhealthy as this looks, it doesn't bother my stomach at all. Crazy!

On another note, in two days it will be a month more until I go to California. I'm only going for 10 days but I really cannot wait because not only have I wanted to see this state since I was 10, but I'll be meeting a dear friend of mine who has been a better friend to me than any of the 'friends' I have here in New York. I know a lot of people, including my mom, are against long-distance anything, but after my three surgeries, I don't see why I should value people here in New York that clearly don't give a shit about me just because I've met them in person. To be honest, I haven't had ANY good friends since my first year of college, and as is usually the case, those from then and before have moved on with their lives. Luckily I'm a loner so it isn't too bad, and I've learned to appreciate the people that matter and to forget the ones that don't with little to no regrets. :)

Anyway, I'm most excited about going to Seaworld, where I'll be seeing my favorite specie of penguin, the Adelie Penguin, in person for the first time! I am BEYOND excited - this is honestly one of my few dreams to work towards before I'm cold and dead. The others include getting published, starting a family, and seeing my favorite singer, Sakamoto Maaya, perform live. :D And if you're wondering which penguin the Adelie is, just refer to my blog header. ;)

I'll post more about my trip when it's closer, since the end of October is still pretty far. That's about it for now. Products I am currently testing out for review are the Maybelline Full 'N Soft mascara and the Maybelline Illegal Lengths Fiber Extensions mascara, so keep an eye out for those.

Until next time. :)


Does your body have bad reactions to a general type of food? ~ What states/countries have you visited?

Two unrelated questions thanks to two unrelated topics in one blog post...kind of...I guess I should work on that. o_o Maybe...

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